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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Guys and dolls, Eve has moved yet again.  

This blog ends here, and pick up in my new blog. Please head on down to my new site, select "about eve" and my blog is the first one on the blog list.

It's been a great ... wow, nearly ten years here.

I'm not entirely closing shop. Updates to CSCompanion will be minimal, and limited to the Front Page News.

It has been super interacting with Campbell's fanbase. They are the salt of the earth. And Campbell himself has been quite amenable in person. I've seen him field a gamut of questions ranging from thoughtful, to downright insulting, during his screenings, ever the gentleman, and has never lost his cool once. A real actor without the trappings of stardom. He really thinks he's a regular guy. In many ways he is.

So why am I half abandoning this site? Let's just say, and I'll mis-quote a friend of his, that "Campbell runs his career the way he chooses." I know, that's a bit cryptical. Let me try to make it even more confusing. I've been on again, off again on this site, because of that very statement. He's made it clear on more than one occasion that the Companion is a Fan site, by the fans, for the fans. I respect his choice.

peace to all,


Posted by cscompanion at 1:32 PM EDT

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