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Greetings, and welcome to The Campbell Scott Companion (or The Companion, as we call her). There's a lot to see and read, so take a load off, remove the battery from your cell phone and pull up your favorite MP3. 

This site is dedicated to the work of actor / director / producer Campbell Scott. Most of the information contained herein is gleaned from the news, somewhat respectable internet sources, and a person, identified only as "Rue Mermill", in a discrete weekly rendezvous.*

Thanks for taking the time, and be sure to park some thoughts in the guestbook. We'll be updating as frequently as time and energy permits, so please check back often.
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This fan site is an unofficial production, and does not have Campbell Scott's personal endorsement.  ~ The management
*thanks to Gary A. , our advance man extraordinaire,  for securing the corner booth next to the frosty machine, at Wendy's. 

visitors since 10 January 2001

Roger Dodger Screening dates:
October 10-17 -  Austin Film Festival.
October 10 - Kansas City Film Festival (Q& A with Dylan Kidd and Campbell Scott  afterwards).
October 12 & 13 - Black Bear Film Fesival (PA).  
October 17 - Hamptons Film Festival.
October 25 - NY and LA premiere.
Project News:

26 September 2002 - Hamptons Film Festival. Check the schedule for Thursday, October 17th @ 8PM. Q&A afterwards, but no website mention on the guest(s) appearing. ~ Rose
24 September 2002 - Black Bear Film festival is located in Milford, PA... Roger Dodger is scheduled to screen at 8:00 PM on both Saturday (10/12) & Sunday (10/13) ~ Rose

23 September 2002 - Director Dylan Kidd and Campbell are scheduled to make an appearance at the Kansas City Film Festival.  ~ Rose

9 September 2002 - Roger Dodger confirmed to screen at the Austin Film Festival, Oct 10-17. Check back at the official site for updates re: dates, times, possible writer/director/cast appearances. ~ Rose

8 September 2002 - Roger Dodger screens at the Toronto Film Festival and at Filmfest Kansas City (October 4-10). Here's a link to the Kansas City Star article. ~ Rose

28 August 2002 - Director Dylan Kidd will be at Boston Film Festival's  Roger Dodger screening on September 10. Details at the film festival site.  Click on schedule for Sept. 10  ~ Rose

22 August 2002 - Pour mes amis Canadiens: Êtes-vous prêt pour Les Vies Secrètes de Dentistes?

Toronto International Film Festival. Screening dates will be released at their site on August 27, single ticket purchases available September 4. Sorry for my garbled French. ~ Eve

20 August 2002 - Roger Dodger release date has been postponed from October 11 to  October 25.

Roger Dodger will be screening on September 18 at the San Diego Film Festival. Campbell is not scheduled to appear at that screening, but the rest of the cast members and director will be there.

Another screening at the Boston Film Festival which is scheduled to run September 6-15, but no details as of yet. ~ Rose 

4 August 2002 -· Roger Dodger scheduled for an October 11 U.S. theatrical release. It will also screen at the Venice Film Festival's Critics' Week in late August (Thanks ). Cast members are expected at that screening.

Off the Map will begin filming on August 26 in Taos, New Mexico. Campbell is directing. Cast includes Joan Allen and J.K. Simmons.

9 June 2002 -· Roger Dodger screened at the Newport Film Festival in Rhode Island (June 6,9).

· On June 7,8, Campbell was at Lake Placid, NY, for the Lake Placid Film Forum. He taught a Masterclass in acting, and participated in two forums:"Staying Independent in an AOL/Time Warner McWorld" and "Risky Business: Actors Speak Out." Thanks !

· On June 6, Campbell was one of several scheduled guests at NYC's Walter Reade Theatre for Lincoln Center's 3rd Annual Young Friends of Film Honors for Jennifer Jason Leigh.

· In September 2002, Hallmark Entertainment will be releasing a new DVD version of "The Love Letter" that will contain "the making of" segment that was present in the Gold Crown VHS. The current DVD version only has the TV movie. Thanks Lynn!

· Campbell will be directing the film version of "Off the Map" a play set in New Mexico in the 1970's.

· Roger Dodger won the Best Narrative Feature award at the TriBeCa Film Festival, and was picked up by Artisan Pictures. It is slated for a fall 2002 theatrical release.

· Campbell performed A.R. Gurney's Love Letters in New Rochelle, NY. The shows were benefits for Fleetwood Stage. His co-stars were Mary Denham (May 16), and Catherine Hickland (May 17). Ms. Denham has acted in daytime dramas and done extensive work in commercial voiceovers. Ms. Hickland plays Lindsay on One Life to Live 

12 May 2002 - Final is slated for a 25 June 2002 release date to DVD and VHS.

·Roger Dodger made its world premiere at the TriBeCa film festival on May 9 in NYC. Campbell attended, as did some of his co-stars, Jennifer Beals, Elizabeth Berkley, and Jesse Eisenberg, and his Dentists costars Robin Tunney and Denis Leary, though Denis was there for the release of his own Double Whammy film. There was a second showing on Sunday May 12.

·Campbell did Q&A's on May 5 for a Bantam Connecticut Hamlet Screening, and on May 10, a Final screening at Long Island's Cinema Arts Centre.

·Campbell and Andrew McCarthy performed at the Manhattan Theatre Club in NYC, on April 29. The program comprised the works of poet and writer, Edna St. Vincent Millay.

·The Secret Lives of Dentists completed shooting late April, early May. Composer Gary DeMichele (Big Night, The Imposters, Hamlet) will be scoring the Alan Rudolph film.

3 April 2002 - Spring Forward is not (yet) available for mass consumption, but the novelization of the screenplay is available as a paperback, directly from Water Row Press or at Amazon for $12.95.
26 March 2002 - The Pilot's Wife premieres CBS April 14, 2002, 9PM. Thanks ! This was originally slated for premiere in late September 2001, and was rescheduled by CBS due to the sensitive nature of the program relative to the 9/11 tragedy.
14 March 2002 - The Secret Lives of Dentists start filming in Westchester March 13, 2002. Stars Campbell Scott, Hope Davis, Denis Leary, Robin Tunney. Directed by Alan Rudolph (Dorothy Parker and the Vicious Circle), written by Craig Lucas ("Longtime Companion"). Article at Thanks !
28 February 2002 - Hamlet Screening at the Third Annual Westchester Film Festival. Q&A's with the director. Wednesday March 13 at 7:00 P.M. Daily pass to the festival is $8.00, or $5.00 for students. Thanks !
22 February 2002 - Two items from Rose. Thanks

The New Milford Film Commissions The Screening Room announces the second film in its new series - Campbell Scotts movie Final, the enigmatic science fiction mystery. Actor turned director, Campbell Scott, has graciously accepted an invitation by the Film Commission to show his film. He will conduct a question and answer session following the film. This exciting event will be held at the Bank Street Movie Theater on Saturday March 2nd beginning promptly at 3 p.m.

To make reservations please call the New Milford Film Commission at 860-210-2099. Please leave your phone number with your reservation.

In lieu of charging admission, the Film Commission encourages you to consider a $10 donation to support our local firefighters.

From movieline: "Actor-director Campbell Scott will be the honoree at the opening night gala for the third annual Westchester County Film Festival on March 10 at the Purchase College Performing Arts Center. Actor Giancarlo Giannini, best known for his work with director Lina Wertmuller, will be honored by the festival at a special reception March 14 at the Hudson River Museum of Westchester in Yonkers. The festival runs March 10-15 at the Clearview Cinemas in Greenburgh. Get more information at "

19 February 2002 - New project news will be announced first and in greater detail at The CSCompanion_lite. If I have time, I will add a brief note here on site

Lush is available on pre-order for under $20.00 as a DVD at your e-tailers at the end of February. While you're ordering, Follow the Stars Home will be out on DVD (also preorder) on February 28, 2002 (Thanks to Gary, our Kimberly Williams KWCentral web designer friend!).

Delivering Milo, an inflight airline movie in 2001, is currently available on region 2 DVD in some European nations.

12 January 2002 - Ace reporter Rosemarie has uncovered another gem. Campbell will be appearing in two performances of the one-man show: Letters From Tennessee, at the Hartford Stage in Hartford Connecticut, on January 23-24, 2002.

Campbell Scott at Toronto Film Festival 2002
Campbell Scott

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A request for fan photo submissions:

20 August 2002 - Campbell is such a gracious fellow, he readily consents to having his picture taken with fans. If you have a personal photo you want to share with us, please scan and email. A resolution of 100 pixels is sufficient for the web. With your permission, we will post it on site. You may choose whether you want identifying information published. Thanks!  ~ Eve

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Then the Companion's home page gets updated and the really old news get archived into the CSCompanion_lite's, news archives . I hope you got all that, because there will be a quiz later! 


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