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Saturday, 29 December 2007
TV marathon headache
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Belatedly, Merry Christmas to all. And in advance, Happy New Year!

I just finished watching a marathon of Adrian Paul's "Tracker" series. For those cave dwelling types, such as myself, Adrian Paul is better known for his Highlander TV series, as the immortal, Duncan MacLeod.

"Tracker" was a series that ran on the Sci-Fi channel around 2000-2001. The premise intrigued me because it reminded me of an old Kyle Maclachlan movie, "The Hidden." I enjoy "fish out of water aliens learning to adapt to human culture" flicks.

In interviews, Paul objected to the series being pigeonholed into the sci-fi genre. Given, it's shown on Sci-Fi stations, it's hard to ignore the sciency-fictiony aspects of the series.  Just as Gene Rodenberry passed his morality plays off as science fiction, Tracker wraps similar messages in many of its episodes. The hyperspeed effect, which Paul self credits, is neat. And something about the way he wields his weapon and liberates life forces during the takedowns, is very cool, indeed. 

There's plenty of eye candy. Two stunning actresses and a star with the build of a... well, an underwear model. In one episode, he's strapped down, and looked much lot like Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. Paul reminds me of a cross between Tommy Lee Jones, and Sean Connery.  He's multi-lingual, and a bit of a Renaissance man. His background in jazz/ballet dance and martial arts, allows him to  inject plenty of motion into the series. This bloke knows how to move on the dance floor and the alleyway!

What I'm trying to say is, my mind is reeling once more. Videos are forthcoming.  

Now for Companion business.

- I added a link to the first page, to C's newest project with Patty. He plays a principal, and she stars as a schoolteacher. It was filmed in Long Island, NY.

- I toyed with the idea of actually shelling out bucks for the site, to get rid of the annoying advertising, and getting more space. At four bucks a month, it didn't look too bad, but then, the yearly cost, was a bit daunting. $48 a year could be spent on other endeavors (like a shiny box set of Highlander!). Yeah, them pennies hurt when I pinch them.  

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