Campbell Scott at Lawrence U.

Date of Birth: 19 July 1961 in New York City

John Jay High School in Westchester, NY
Secondary education: Lawrence University in Wisconsin, 1983

Family History:
Parents: Actors Colleen Dewhurst and George Campbell Scott
Brother: Alexander
Half-siblings: Matthew, Devon, Victoria
Marital Status: Divorced; son, Malcolm, born in 1998,
dating actress Patricia Clarkson

Fan mail address (current as of 2005):
Mr. Campbell Scott
c/o Paradigm Talent
200 W. 57th St. Suite 900
New York, NY 10019-3211

Words, words, words: Quotable Scott

  • On working in Hollywood:
    "I only made two studio movies, that was a long time ago and obviously I removed myself. I think some of that is geographical. I live in New York and I want to work there, it's as simple as that."
  • On directors' styles.
    "I certainly admire people like Alan Rudolph (who I did Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle with) and Robert Altman. They love their actors and encourage them to do things. Those movies are more flexible and relaxed."
  • On the length of "Hamlet"
    "It's under three hours. I like to say that to people: It's a fast moving 178 minutes."

    What others say about Campbell

  • John Paisz (director of Top of the Food Chain)
    "Campbell is a very literate, intelligent guy who knows his pop culture references. Crime Wave really appealed to him, and he really responded to the language in Top of the Food Chain. "
  • David Mamet (Spanish Prisoner director)
    "And I've wanted to work with Campbell Scott since I saw Longtime Companion. I wanted to do this story in the Hitchcock-Donen, clean-cut, patrician, Leyendecker, Arrow-shirt kind of mold, and he was right for it."
  • Hope Davis and Stanley Tucci, about Campbell's antics on stage
    Tucci: "He loves to turn his back on the audience and talk to the other actors."
    Davis: "He usually turns his back and says, 'Help me.'"

    "It's easier to play what you're not. I think the answer for me is that the reason I got into acting was not to explore myself. I was a reader, I didn't care about acting. I got into it in college, but I had no interest really in that, in getting up in front of anybody." ~ Campbell Scott