Most of these articles contain Campbll's interviews. Movie review articles are listed in their respective movie pages.

Movie Collector's World: 1998, periodical.  
  "What Price Non-conformity?" Article about Campbell's career.

Theatre Week:  2 December 1991, periodical.  
  "Pericles Goes Public" Article about Pericles at Papp's Public.

Lawrence University: spring/summer 1998,  internet
  Alumni news clippings. lists NYTimes interview with Campbell
  about The Spanish Prisoner

Lawrence University : June 1998, internet. Press release for alumni awards

Canoe : internet. Canoe interviews with Campbell Scott

Steven Brophy :  April 1998, internet             
   Looking at the movies. Interview with Campbell about The Spanish Prisoner

 IFC :  1998, ram files. At the Angelika interview (3 segments)  and transcript

Caught in the Web:  1998, ram file.                       
     Interview with Campbell on The Spanish Prisoner plus transcript .

Fresh Air :  12 April 1998,  Ram file 
   Interview with Terry Gross about The Spanish Prisoner plus transcript .
New England : January 2000, internet.
    Director Robert Kane Pappas mentions Campbell's debut in 1986 film, Now I Know. : 24 December 2000,  book.  Mention of Campbell in a book: Vanishing Acts, by Gordon Rogoff © 2000, Yale University Press, ISBN: 0-300-08248-7

Studio  360 :  16 June 2001,  Ram file  
   Interview with Kurt Anderson (WNYC) about Hamlet and alternate personae.
USA Weekend :  23 July 2001,  periodical.  Brief Q&A mention of Campbell's latest projects.
New York Times :  17 August 2001,  periodical 
  "Who Knew Shakespeare Was A Southern Author?" Hamlet review.

New York Times :  December 2001,  periodical 
  "The Verdict He Heeds is His Own" Interview with Campbell about Hamlet : 2001,   internet.  "Brushing Up on Shakespeare." Rachel Jordan interview   
   about Hamlet. : 19 December 2001,   internet. 
   "Acting, Directing, and Details." Conversation: Tom Gilroy and Campbell Scott. : 8 January 2002, internet. "The King of Small Moments." Interview  about   
   Hamlet and Final.
USA Today : 6 December 2002, internet. "'Chameleon' Scott dodges mainstream". Interview about Roger Dodger.
The : 13 August 2003, internet. Interview about The Secret Lives of Dentists.
Film : 11 November 2003, internet. "Campbell Scott maps out his own path". Interview about Off the Map.
Film Freak Central : 11 January 2004, internet. "The Drama King". Interview about Off the Map.
The Independent : 11 August 2005, internet. "Great Scott". Interview at the Galway Film Festival.
Times Online :11 August 2005, internet. "Great Scott!! He wants to be an anti-star". Interview.
Kansas 16 December 2005, internet. "Campbell Scott, my hero".
The Journal News : 20 January 2006, internet. "Meet Campbell Scott at the Paramount". Interview about "The Dying Gaul".

Youtube. 8 October 1998. Charlie Rose & the cast of The Imposters. Interview starts around 35 minutes in.