Frequently Asked Questions

Campbell Scott as Hamlet

Q:  He seems familiar ... who is he and what was he in?
A: If there is a single theme or most common question, it's in the vein of "Why isn't he more famous?", "Why isn't he as famous as his parents?" and "Who is Campbell Scott?" And that's from the fans as well as the curious onlookers.
The answer in a nutshell: Campbell Scott is at the pinnacle of his profession as an actor, director, and producer, in independent film.  He is as well-known in that industry as was his mother in theater or his father in movies.  

Q: What's his height, hair color, eye color?
A: He mentioned in interview that his height is six feet, even (1.82 metres). His natural hair color is more salt than pepper brown. Depending on the lighting, eyes look hazel or grey.

Q: I'd like an autograph, or, I have a script that I want Mr. Scott to read, where can I reach him?
A: Please note that we are unable to forward messages to him on your behalf, but you can try sending mail to his attention at his latest address for the Huntington Theatre listed below:

Mr. Campbell Scott
c/o Huntington Theatre
5555 Concord Pkwy S
Boston, MA 02115

We believe that though Campbell doesn't answer fan letters, he probably reads them. If you ask for a written reply, you're probably not going to get one. But if you ask just for a signature, or a signed photo, he's more likely to fulfill your request. Your best bet is to send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope for the photo return. Good luck!

Q: Was that Campbell's voice in the [product name] TV commercial?
A: Yes, it could be. He's done voiceovers for Revlon and other products on TV commercials. Q: The new site is missing pages, where did they go? Where are the TV credits and awards? A: They're in the fix-it shop, and will be back some time in the unforseeable future. Yes, he costarred in Six Degrees, did voiceovers in TV commercials, and appeared in guest roles in two TV shows.

Q: The site was unavailable, or there's a little red x where a photo ought to be on a page. Why?

A: The short geek answer is: bandwidth was exceeded.  The long answer is: too many users were trying to access the site simultaneously. Try again later today, or tomorrow.  Or contribute to the CSCompanion fund, and we'll buy some more bandwidth!

Q: I like the photos on this site. May I borrow some?
A: Yes, and you don't need to ask. Just make sure you copy the photo to your own server. Do not link directly to the photo, as we tend to shuffle and rename them every so often. You may, if you want, link back to . We're easy.

Q: Could you post more about his family, or other personal information?
A: No. However, any information he reveals in public interviews, may show up on site.

Q: More pictures, please!
A: There's not a lot on site. In total, there are a few hundred pictures between the movie pages and Angelfire albums. Email with specific requests if you want screenshots for a particular film. If that's not enough, we welcome and challenge you to build an entire site devoted to pictures. Our resident techie, Eve, will help you set it up.

Q: Is Campbell aware of this site?
A: Yes. The answer to your next question, "What did he think of it?" -- he was, and we quote, "appalled" [by the amount of information it contains]. You can read that any way you want. We're not sure exactly what that means, but we'll accept it as a compliment.

Q: What sort of fan site is this? Where are the "Gush" and "Campbell Sightings" pages?
A: First, the original site was an attempt, by Eve, to learn HTML. It snowballed into what you see now. The drool factor is deliberately downplayed; the site designers have a responsibility to underaged young visitors. If there is gushing, you'd find it safely contained at the CSCompanion_Lite group or TheAlgonquin (in Contact ).  

As for "sightings", fans have written privately, nice notes about seeing Campbell here or there, but the site designers have opted not to publicly post.  Again, that's a discussion better suited for the eGroups.  

Suffice it to say, the official Companion statement is that Campbell is quite witty, intelligent and affable in person. The adjective most people use, is "approachable."
Q: Who is the ubiquitous "we" on this site? Who are you people?
A: There's just two of us, Rosemarie, news editor, and Eve, site designer/maintenance (Movies and Audiobooks pages). Plus a host of wonderful fans who contribute.  

Q: What does "Veni Sedi Legi" have anything to do with the price of eggs?
A: With sincerest (sine cera) apologies to my dear Latin teacher, Mr. Irving Kizner, it means "I came, I sat, I read." True to his challenge, if he stopped me on the street today, thirty years later, I can still recite the first lines of both the oration against Cataline, and of the Aeneid, without cheating. He was a true educator.